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Clever Words is the very affordable one-stop pro-shop for all your copywriting requirements. Our Professional Wordsmiths will provide you with Premium Small Business Copywriting services to suit your Budget. As a Small Business your Website is your engine room. Engaging webcopy fuels your potential clients’ interest, and results in much healthier sales for your products and services. You supply our team of Professional Writers with the message you want delivered and Clever Words will deliver that message with the best arrangement of the best words!

Why use a Professional Copywriter?

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in writing your own Website Ad-copy, Product or Service review, Blog, Business Report, Speech etc. But it hasn’t worked out that well. So now you want to get serious about Marketing the Small Business that supports your lifestyle. Understanding the value your products and services represent to customers is a vital component of the sales equation. BUT, being able to convey those virtues with copywriting that is precise, engaging to price-savvy customers and demands to be read, is quite another. The Professional Copywriters at Clever Words will cost-effectively refine and articulate your business message.

Enjoy the clever words experience

Speedy Turnaround

Can’t find the time, or simply don’t feel you have the word skills to maximise the value of your products or services? Clever Words Professionals will provide fresh, effective SEO Copywriting in 2 – 5 days.

Best Value

As a small business, Clever Words fully understands your need to keep overheads to a minimum. We take pride in running lean and mean, to the benefit of our clients, with CopyPaks beginning at just $295 (including GST).

Personalised Service

Our primary aim at Clever Words is to work with you to market the value of your products or services to you potential clients with copywriting that makes them irresistible. We will fully communicate with you at all stages of the copywriting and editing process.

Who are our Clients?

Clever Words provides Premium Copywriting services to the full range of Small Businesses including:

• All Retail Outlets

• Sole Traders

• Wholesalers

• Website Designers

• Real Estate Agents

• Law Firms and Institutions

• Accounting and Financial Service Professionals

• Educational Institutions

• Health, Fitness and Beauty Professionals

• Building Trade Firms and Organisations

• Cafes, Restaurants and the wider Food Industry

• Not-for-Profit Organisations

• Artists, Writers, Photographers and Arts Organisations

• All other Small Business Copywriting

So, don’t waste your valuable time and effort on Copywriting tasks that result in sleepless nights and little or no improvement in sales conversions. Let the skilled Copywriters at Clever Words make your Marketing ideas irresistible to potential customers.

Your approval assured at no extra cost

In the end you need to be happy with the results of our efforts on your behalf. Our writers will liaise with you via phone or email for up to one hour (within 10 working days of Copy delivery) to make corrections or adjustments to your ad-copy if you are not completely satisfied. You simply notify us of the sections you feel need changing and we will make those changes within 5 working days at no extra cost to you.

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